My father used to say, “Use your head!” Best. Advice. Ever. 

I lost my Dad in 2002. A hard lesson in time is the only condition we’re up against. From when I was little he’d tell me, “Honey bunch, I can move MOUNTAINS!” I didn’t get it until the stakes were high. He lived a decade longer than they said he would. Proving his mind moving mountains ability and who the powers that be really are. He taught me to be tough, proud of who I was and never care what anyone thinks. I know for a fact he lives with and through me. I’m so grateful for that. Born Gambino, I’ve spent my entire life being asked if I was “connected”. Always the inevitable, infamous question. Based on what I’ve experienced, learned and found faith in…the truth is… we all are.



As an entrepreneur for 23 years and Founder of Fearless Integrity™ Brand, Renee’s the Business Expert on NY’s #1 News Talk Station WOR710 and iHeart Radio. She’s published monthly and has been featured in ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX NEWS and International Business Times. Over the past 23 years she’s mentored, trained, hired and fired.

Sales is her platform, Non-negotiable Mindset™ is her fuel and full self-expression is her fire. Success seekers beware… she’ll show you your potential and support your willingness to grow full on. Her intense advanced training and study of personal development show up in her high level thinking and shoot to thrill blockbuster laser coaching, strategy design and influence. She’s a stand for the impact of recognizing the value of self and others to Succeed With Fearless Integrity™. Renee believes in her brand’s relevance in advancing entrepreneurship as the leading threat to mediocrity globally.

“My innate ability to pinpoint the core issue and see opportunities most people miss is my super power.” 

During a 16 year stint as a Master Bodyworker and owner of a wellness center, I learned how to navigate through complicated soft tissue injuries and disease in excess of 15,000 hours. What I became an expert in is… cause and affect. Breaking symptoms down to the root cause and designing and implementing a solid treatment plan. I learned how people respond to stress and how to move the mind and body into a course of healing, coming out better than before. Bottom line, 16 yrs of mind body cause and affect study, research and hard ass work into how to change the internal environment to get a positive external result faster.

Not to mention being booked a year in advance for the last 7yrs of her career says a something about her sales process and ability to connect, deliver and lead. Just sayin.


Born in 1970 I have an insatiable love of rock ‘n roll, real black and white photos and long hair. Being a Gambino, I love my family, judge friendships on whether we’d take a bullet for each other, play a damn good hand of poker (although I could take the gold in Olympic air hockey) and still believe money belongs in envelopes, even though my accountant doesn’t let me do that anymore. Whatever.

I get to live my life with the love of my life, Alen of 22 years. Our rockstar affair is a matter of true love and hard work. We never say we’re lucky, we say “we earned each other”. We gave our most precious gift to the world, our 16 yr old son Alec, whose sarcastic brilliance exceeds even my honed cage rattling skills. It’s impressive.”

“If you want to be successful in business and life, always raise awareness, the bar and… a few eyebrows.”

Renee ``The Boss`` Gambino