Taking your business, career and life to a new level! The level that screams…“This is who I really am and this is what I really want!” My. Own. Boss. Mentality makes                     YOUR SUCCESS…NON-NEGOTIABLE!


Lead with passion! Lead with intensity!

What does it take to grow confidence? Passion and intensity for who YOU are and what you were born to DO! With this, comes a new way of thinking and taking action! Confidence is the equivalent of a fear shakedown. Bringing down fear, brings down doubt. With little or no doubt, you take healthy risks, bigger risks, you get comfortable stepping out of comfortable. Revenue can now be generated in strategic ways, packaging services gets creative, fees are increased dramatically, you’ll have high quality support available to you, and working and living your dream becomes a reality. TRUTH: Opportunity is full on attracted to M.O.B. Style thinking and doing! It’s passionate! It’s intense! Opportunity wants YOU! When you say “Yes”, it will stop at nothing to be with you! That’s hot! 



Understanding how and why people engage in saying “Yes” to getting what they need through you is a full on game changer. Understanding how and why YOU say “YES” to growing your business or career is a life changer! Influence opens all doors to opportunity. Are you hearing objections from prospective ideal clients during your sales conversations like, “I’ll have to think about it” or “It’s not in the budget right now” or “I have to speak with my spouse/business partner/decision maker”? These are objections that only come up when you’re not getting to the real urgency of what your potential clients want. This is where you need to gain the level of authority and understanding it takes to get a “Yes”. Are you changing your tone or rhythm as soon as you get to the “money part” of the conversation because it makes you uncomfortable? If you’re uncomfortable with money, your potential client will be uncomfortable with investing in you. You can’t hide from it, try as you might! Are you buying into your potential clients story of “No”? Do you find yourself “understanding” where your potential client is coming from and agreeing that now is not the best time, so you should follow up at a later date only to find a warm lead went cold as ice with a NEW “no” story? Do you decide that up-selling is uncomfortable because you don’t want the other person to think you’re “salesey” and all you want is more money? This ends up in a lot of waiting for the “right time”! If you’re going that direction, I will guarantee your potential clients are telling you they need to “wait for something to happen before they go ahead” also! (That’s a golden nugget!) This is all very common, and what appears to make growing your business or career hard. Influencing ultimate outcomes while being in service to others is the common thread to your success formula. Renee is passionate about helping you get this edge. It is by far, the most transformative step to reaching your goals in and out of your business. 


Bottom line, it’s not easy! But it doesn’t have to be hard! Hard is a choice!

Eliminating difficult happens when you create a consciously successful business or career. Confusion and fear around raising your fees, finding your ideal clients or being seen in a big way as an entrepreneur or a career builder, is merely a shortage of solid strategies and high-impact support. There are powerful questions that need to be answered. The first being, “Is it harder to NOT have the six, multi-six or seven figures doing what you love than it is to have it?” 


Renee leads you through her proven 5 Step PowerUp™ System!

Increasing cash flow and having what you truly desire faster is the point of working with Renee. Using proven steps is key and so much less stress! Skipping steps creates gaps! A known success killer! Gaps feel like the deep dark abyss of “I’m working so hard but not getting the results!” Renee gives you the steps to go from feeling like no one can see you to standing directly in the path of opportunity!

It starts by taking action! It starts NOW! First step…Schedule your FREE 30 min. Strategy Session with Renee

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What Client’s Say

Renee is a Power House! She showed me where I was losing 40K a year in the first 30 mins of our session! She calls me out and accepts nothing less than me owning my value! My profits increased 30% in the first two months of working with her! It’s a game and a life changer!
Emily Bobson, DC, Infinity Chiropractic + Body Central
Renee’s energetic spirit has intuitively guided me to breakthrough the sour notes that put my life so far out of tune. My journey with her has allowed me to reclaim my joy for living and has renewed my commitment to a higher quality of life. Renee absolutely ROCKS!
Melissa Ascarino, Career Builder, Artist
With Renee’s commitment, competence and complete support I would not have been able to obtain as much as I already have. Even if I’ve been kickin and screamin part of the way! Today I am energetic, focused and enjoying my stress free life!
Miriam O'Keefe, Freelance Project Manager